Essay Form and Function

    I.  Introduction = To introduce the paper

      Tells exactly what the paper will be about

                 Introduction parts

    General information about the topic = introduces the topic and the feeling or mood


    Step Up starts with a Blue = feeling on the topic

      Ways to start:

             Rhetorical Question

             Exclamatory Statement

             When or While Clause

                                Power # sentence


    *****Thesis Statement = the sentence that tells exactly what the paper will be about. Can be anywhere in the 1stparagraph, but we usually put it at the end.


    II.                 Body Paragraphs = give the specific information

    Topic sentence= Transition (yellow) and the fact

                 This sentence determines the rest of the sentences.


    Lots of details, explanations, examples about the fact in the topic sentence (step up reds)

                      When the prompt tells you to, cite evidence. 


    The number of body paragraphs is determined by the Thesis Statement.


    III.              Conclusion = sums up the essay.

    First sentence echoes Blue.

    Write one sentence to sum up each paragraph.

    Last sentence starts with a conclusion transition and finish thought.