Morning  Student Drop off

    • A-L uses lot in front of school/Students will enter through the middle gate only/This is also the parent drop-off/waiting area if you are walking up to the campus
      • Most of Kindergarten and Kinder SDC will enter the side gate when their teacher comes to get them.  The other kinder will use the middle gate area and will meet you there.
    • M-Z uses lower lot near park/Students will enter the far gate at the end into the playground area
      • The ramp and stairs will no longer be utilized.  Due to space availability it is not a safe place for a parent waiting area, so we would strongly encourage you to use the drive through system. If you choose to walk-up, you will drop them at the gate near the playground.
    • Breakfast students may enter through middle gate in front of the school only at 8:25
      • Supervision for all other students begins at morning recess at 8:30.  Please do NOT drop your child off early.  They will not be supervised and will be unattended.
    • Please pull all the way forward in either drive through area.  Child may only exit on the curbside.  Please no parking along the curb!  If you need to park, please use appropriate parking spots.
    • Students will NOT be allowed to exit from a car that is double parked!  Your vehicle must be along the pick-up side (curb in upper lot or fence in lower lot)



    PM Student Pick Up

    • Students will exit the upper lot through the middle gate and the one gate along the side of 6th grade.
      • All students will still need to head to the front of the car line for pick up
    • Please pull forward.  Student will need to enter on curbside/fence side of car and not go into the street
    • No child will be allowed to enter a double parked car
    • Students will exit all gates in lower lot and will only be allowed to enter cars along the pick-up zone.  Students walking beyond our lower lot pick up zone will only exit through the far gate along our playground, toward the park
    • Parent walk up waiting area is outside the gates in upper lot.  Please do not block the gates or walkways due to the congestion of students trying to leave 
    • There is very little space in the lower lot for a parent waiting zone.  It would be best for walk up parents to wait in the park area
      • Again, we encourage you to use our drive through system



    A Few Other Reminders

    • Please drop off and pick up your students as quickly, but as safely as possible.  We know it’s nice to catch up with friends etc, but it would really help our efficiency and safety to ensure students are entering and exiting campus as quickly and smoothly as possible.
    • Students will not be allowed to go to a car that is double-parked.  You must be along the curb, lower fence, or parked in an allowable parking spot.
    • Please be considerate of other drivers. Do not cut in front of others that have been waiting patiently. 
    • Please use your signal lights.
    • Please be courteous in all ways to all parties.  Children are always listening and watching for our example.



    We greatly appreciate you working with us and can see that our students’ safety is a top priority for each of you as well.  We recognize that some procedures might be a slight change, but due to past tragic events across the nation, I know you will work with us to maintain a safe campus.  Outside of having the best drop off and pick up procedures possible, a closed campus helps us be more efficient as to who is on campus and when.