Please review the District’s Board of Education General Dress Code, Board Policy #5332 in the Student Handbook.

    Any clothing, make-up, hairstyle or wig that contributes to the substantial disruption of the orderly operation of the school is inappropriate and/or unacceptable for school attire.

    No undergarments shall show.

    Footwear must be worn at all times and have hard soles. Tennis shoes are most appropriate/acceptable (skate sneakers are not, however).

    The following items of clothing are considered inappropriate or unacceptable for school attire: 
    Bare midriffs 
    Tattered clothes or pants with holes or slashes 
    Unsafe jewelry or unsafe clothing such as large hoop earrings 
    Cutoffs without hems 
    Lack of undergarments 
    Shirts, tops, sweaters unbuttoned below the sternum 
    Tank tops or spaghetti strap tops/dresses 

    Other items or manner-of-wearing clothing may also be inappropriate or unacceptable according to Board Policy 5332.

    All students are expected to follow the general dress code at all times. The process for compliance issues will be determined by the school site. Parents will be contacted on any given day if the dress code is not followed.