• Learning Ideas at Home

    Wow!  We have all been working hard and learning lots this year!


    Here are some ways to keep your child learning during

    Summer Break:


    1.   Read with your child every day.

    2.   Ask your child questions about what they’ve read.

    3.   Let your child ask you questions about what’s been read.

    4.   Have your child find items at the grocery store.

    5.    Quiz your child on the basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division).

    6.   Make or purchase Math Fact & Sight Word flash cards.

    7.   Give your child a handful of change to count.

    8.   Give your child math problems to solve in their head and on paper.

    9.   Have your child orally describe and write about the trips you take and the things you do.

    10.       Give your child jobs and responsibilities around the house.



    Have a fun, relaxing, and safe Summer Break! 

    See you in August!



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Last Modified on May 21, 2013