• Third Trimester Skills

    ·         *  Identify letters in isolation and out of order (capital and lower case)

    ·         *  The sound of each letter

    ·       *  Letter formation

    ·         *  Sight Word lists A, B, C, D, and E (50 words)

    ·         *  Beginning Sounds 

    * Ending Sounds
    * The ability to sound out and read simple CVC words (For example, cat, red, pig, hot, mug) 

    ·         *  Rhyming (your child must be able to think of a word that rhymes with a given word)

    ·         *  Concepts about print (Location of the title on a book, and why they thought the author choose that tile for the book.  Location on the author's name and what is the job of an author.)

    ·         *  The ability to orally retell a story

    * The ability to ask and answer question from a familiar story 
    * The  ability to independently write complete sentences about a given topic.

    ·         *  Shapes

    ·         *  Counting orally to 100

    ·         *  Writing and recognizing numbers 1-20 out of order

    * solve simple addition and subtraction problems

    ·         *  Patterns

    ·        *  Sorts items (by shape, color, size, etc.)

    ·         *  Days of the week

    * Months of the Year 

    ·         *  Writes first and last name

    * The child must know their student identification Number