• Supplies

    It is my goal to have the students be organized both inside the classroom and with homework.
    Therefore, please have your student bring the following items to school: 
    Pencil pouch - NO PENCIL BOXES PLEASE 
    Lined notebook paper
     1 1/2" Binder

     7+ subject dividers for the binder

     -Language Arts


    -Social Studies


     Highlighters (pink, green and yellow) 

     Several #2 pencils 

     Pencil erasers


     Small pencil sharpener with shavings holder

     School box to hold materials


     Wish List


     If you would like to donate anything to the class, it would be greatly appreciated!

     ·      New or gently used chapter books (Reading level 5.0 - 6.9)

     ·      Large bottles of Hand Sanitizer

     ·       Band Aids 

     ·       Soft Tissues

     ·       Baby wipes (for hands & white board)

     ·       Clorox Wipes

     ·       White copy paper and colored copy paper

    ·        Scrapbook paper and school themed stickers (for journals and projects)

     ·       Highlighters

     ·       #2 Pencils

     ·       Whiteboard Markers

     ·       Spiral notebooks

     ·       Lined notebook paper

      ·       Post-It-Notes