• Hi Parents! 
    Thank you in advance for asking what we need for 6th grade this year!
    Your child will need the following supplies constantly throughout the year: 
    • binder (1 1/2 - 2" binder)
    • binder dividers (I will help your child with the labeling of the dividers - he/she will need one for the following subjects: narrative reading, informational reading, writing, spelling, math, social studies, science, and homework)
    • 4- hardback composition books (on sale at Walmart or Target this weekend for .50 each) :-)
    • black dry erase (white board) markers (Expo brand will last the longest)
    • mini eraser or old, used, clean sock
    • plenty of college-ruled lined paper
    • pencils
    • erasers
    • red pens
    • colored pencils (I will start them off with a pack, but they will go through them rather quickly)
    • markers
    • scissors
    • several black sharpies (for classroom use only) -fine tip and ultra fine tip
    • 512 MG Flash drive or larger (Wal-mart has 8gb flash drives now for $4)
    •  lots of glue sticks- we'll be doing a ton of gluing this year!
     These items should also be on hand at home, as well, for projects and homework assignments!
    And now.....For ME!! :-)
    1. glue sticks .... like I said.... we use a lot of them!!
    2. white copy paper 8 1/2X11
    These items would greatly help me out! Just keep them coming!!!!