• Moby Max
    This is a site where you can work at your level in the areas of math and vocabulary. You may also use this site to practice multiplication and division facts. To sign in :
    username=your first name + lunch number
    password =cnusd

    Math Help-Khan Academy
    Check out this website if you need help with any math skills. It is a great tool that will help you review what we are learning in class. Click on the tab for "Arthmetic and Pre-Algebra" and then search for the skill you are looking for, such as division. Watch the lesson and then do some sample problems!

    Houghton Mifflin Reading
    This is our core literature site. You may access your child's textbook and other resources.
    Username= Student lunch #

    Free Math Timed Drills
    This is the form that our fifth graders utilize in order to practice their multiplication facts (0-12)
    1. Scroll down to "Multiplication Facts to 144".
    2. Click on one of the forms next to "Multiplication facts to 144 No Zeroes".
    3. Print
    4. Give your child five minutes to complete the test.
    5. Scroll down to access the answer key.

    EnVision Math
    This is the essential math site! Access an online version of your child's math textbook and workbook.
    Username: cnusd +your child's ID# (lunch number)
    Example: cnusd12345
    Password: First/last name initial + birthdate (drop leading zeroes) Note that first initial is capitalized
    Example: John Smith with a birthdate of 07/04/2004 would be:
    *Note: User name and password are case sensitive

    Houghton Mifflin Education Place
    This is a great site to review story vocabulary as well as other concepts from our core literature.

    Spelling City
    On this site, your child can take a practice spelling test, study words, and play games using the current words

    Macmillian/McGraw-Hill Science
    This is our core Science site. You may access videos and additional resources to help your child understand 5th grade Science topics. It is also helpful for reviewing 4th grade content which is very important for the end of the year state Science test.

    Sense Lang
    This website helps students become fluent in typing. 
    login: lunch #
    password: heroes