• Positive Student Rewards at Ramirez Intermediate
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    Pride Coins - The Pride coin is an immediate reward for any student who has done something an adult wants to recognize.  One coin - one prize.  Students can redeem the coins in the office and get a prize, such as a front of the lunch line pass, candy, toys, etc.
    Student of the Month - Each teacher selects one Student of the Month each month throughout the school year.  Students get a certificate and a free pizza lunch.
    Gaming Room Rewards - Students have access to play games in the gaming room as a reward.  Two Pride coins allows you to play all lunch on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  The game room is located on the west side of the school library.
    Front of the Line Passes - Students can receive a front of the lunch line pass as a reward.  Yes, that means you get to go straight to the front of the line.  You do not have to wait.
    Honor Roll Assembly -  Ramirez Intermediate has three levels of Honor Roll.  Principal's Honor Roll is for 4.0 students, High Honor Roll is a GPA of 3.9 to 3.5 and Honor Roll is a GPA from 3.4 to 3.0