“We are dedicated to the health, fitness, and overall well-being of our students”

    Mr. Carter, Mr. Colburn, Mr. Hauser, Mrs. Vidaca, Miss Wilson

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     (Education Code Section 51222 provides for 400 minutes of physical education every ten school days for students in grades seven through twelve)

    Physical Education Standards for 7th and 8thgrade:

    Standard 1:Students demonstrate the motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform avariety of physical activities.

    Standard 2:Students demonstrate knowledge of movement concepts, principles, and strategies that apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.

    Standard 3:Students assess and maintain a level of physical fitness to improve health andperformance.

    Standard 4:Students demonstrate knowledge of physical fitness concepts, principles, and strategies to improve health and performance.

    Standard 5:Students demonstrate and utilize knowledge of psychological and sociological concepts, principles, and strategies that apply to the learning and performanceof physical activity.


    1. Students will understand the importance of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.
    2. Students will demonstrate physical activity through various fitness activities, various sports, and personal enrichment activities over the course of the year.
    3. Students will understand the history, rules, field and court markings, and skills relating to the various sports and activities.
    4. Students will understand the 5 Components of Fitness, BMI, Heart rate, and the Fitnessgram Standards.
    5. Through the correlation of the physical education standards students will be competent in movement and movement knowledge, self-image and personal development, and social development.


    Ø  Grading will be based on daily routine, citizenship, participation, and assessments giving a total of 30 points per day over the semester. The grade breakdown goes as followed:

    o   (15%)Students earn 5 points for Daily Routine- dressing out correctly, roll call, daily run, sit-ups, push-ups, stretching, and correct shoes

    o   (15%)Students earn 5 points for Citizenship- following directions, staying on task, behavior

    o   (60%)Students earn 20 points for Participation- actively engaged in the activity for the day

    o   (10%)Students earn 20 Points once a week for Assessments- weekly fitness run (mile,pacer, cross country, 22 minute run), written assignments, and unit tests


    Ø All Ramirez Intermediate Student Planner Rules and Procedures are enforced for tardies, behavior, sexual harassment, bullying, electronic devices, locker issues, etc.

    Ø See your teacher before class even if you have an excuse from activity. If you are excused from the activity you will still be required to dress out.

    Ø Please follow teacher expectations for roll call, daily routine, and activities.

    Ø When you come late to class with a hall pass,dress before coming to class. If the locker room is locked, report immediately to class.  Give the hall pass to teacher.

    Ø Be respectful to classmates and teacher with language and behavior. No profanity will be tolerated.

    Ø Have fun and participate!!! Physical Education is more than a class- it is a lifestyle!


    Ø Ramirez is NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost or stolen items. Your valuable items need to be locked in your locker.  Do not give your combination to anyone.

    Ø NO glass, food, drinks, aerosol sprays, cameras, iPods, cell phones are allowed tobe out or used in the locker room at any time.

    Ø Each PE period is responsible to keep the locker room clean every day and will be held accountable as a group.

    Ø Be inside locker room before the tardy bell rings.

    Ø No gum, food, and drinks are allowed in locker room or in class at any time.


    Ø Basic Uniform: Gray t-shirt and purple PE shorts. Athletic shoes with rubber sole only will be allowed. PE shorts are to be worn properly (no sagging).

    Ø For the purpose of safety and hygiene each student is expected to dress in appropriate gym wear.

    Ø A physical education uniform is required and available for purchase during the entire school year. ($10.00 for shirt and $10.00 for shorts).

    Ø Ramirez Hooded Sweatshirts ($20.00) and sweatpants ($15.00) are also available for purchase. School jackets are not allowed only Sweatshirts (please wear school colors).


    Ø ALLSTUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO DRESS OUT EVERY DAY! THIS IS NOT AN OPTION! We have loaner clothes available if you donot have your PE clothes for the day.

    Ø Loaner clothes are available Monday through Friday. There is a 5 point deduction each day loaners are used. Refusal to wear Loaners is subject to an office referral.

    o  Loaner Consequence per Trimester:

    § Parent contact on the 3rd loaner

    § Detentions starting on 4th loaner and thereafter.

    o  If you need to borrow loaner clothes, you must do so immediately when you get into the locker room. See teacher to get loaners. Please bring planner and ID card to receive loaners.

    o  If an unavoidable circumstance occurs regarding a student’s P.E. uniform (i.e. broken dryer, etc.) the student may wear loaner clothes or bring a clothes from home to wear for PE without a deduction ofpoints if we are given a note from the parent.

    Ø ABSOLUTELY NO DANGLING OR HOOP EARRINGS OF ANY SIZE worn in P.E. class for safety reasons, stud earrings may be worn at students own risk. All jewelry will be placed in your locker. All bracelets except Medical bracelets are to be kept in your locker during class. Jewelry worn to class will result in point deduction.


    Ø If you are sick or injured you must bring a note to class to excuse you. The note must be signed and dated by the parent or guardian, and must include the following information: Medical reason, number of days (up to 3 days), and a phone number. After 3 days a medical/doctor’snote will be required.  If the student is unable to walk for their points the student must bring out a notebook to do a written assignment.  Dressing out is still required unless it is physically unsafe orimpossible for the student (teacher discretion).

      • If you miss a day of class and have an excused absence you can make up points per day by writing a 1-page summary of an article from a magazine, newspaper, or internet resource relating to a physical education issue: health, fitness, sports, physical therapy, nutrition, etc. and turn in the following day for credit (include article with summary).


    Ø Strenuous physical activity will be modified in extreme heat when temperature reaches 98 degrees and above. Teachers also follow district alerts when air quality is poor and modify activity.