• If your child is sick or injured please write them a note so that they can be excused for that day. The note must be signed and dated by the parent or guardian, and must include the following information;
    Medical reason, number of days (up to 3 days), and a phone number.

    If inactivity or an excuse from PE will last for more than 3 days, a medical/doctor's note will need to be submitted to the front office only.

    Dressing out is still required unless it is physically unsafe or impossible for the student.

    If you miss a day of class and have an excused absence, you can make up your (30) daily points per day by writing and submitting a 1-page summary of an article from a magazine or newspaper relating to the student's current unit in class or on one of the components of fitness: aerobic capacity, muscular strength,
    muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition... Include article with summary. 

    Submit one summary for each day you are absent in order to receive full credit (30 points per day) for those absences.

    All summaries must be;
    a. 150 to 300) words
    b. double spaced
    c. font- Times New Roman
    d. include date/s you were absent
    e. include your period number

    All summaries must be submitted via Edmodo. (
    www.edmodo.com). See teacher website for Edmodo code for your class period.
    The student may coordinate with their PE teacher and run laps on the track before or after school to earn absent points. (5 points per lap)