• How to Organize Your Binder

    Posted by Tara Lucius on 8/2/2013

    Dear Parents and Guardians,


                Your child’s ability to organize his/her time and materials is critical to success in the intermediate schools.  This year we will utilize these organizational processes to prepare them for the seventh grade.  Below you will find a list of supplies needed to put together a binder that will be used not only daily in our class, but can also be used in the intermediate schools.  Note: liquid white-out and sharpies are excluded from this list because they are not allowed.  I will provide a monthly planner.  The intermediate schools should provide a weekly calendar.  Your cooperation to help your child have a successful sixth grade and intermediate school experience is greatly appreciated.  Please make sure that your child stays current with all supplies listed throughout the year.


    Required Items


    Organization (in this order)




    ·         2 ½” binder – no writing on outside; NO ZIPPER

    ·         Pencil pouch (clear with zipper)

    ·         1 - pocket folder for homework

    ·         2 - #2 pencils

    ·         1 – black or blue pen

    ·         1 – red pen

    ·         Colored pencils

    ·         Highlighters (blue, green, yellow, pink)

    ·         7 - subject dividers

    ·         10 – clear page protectors

    ·         Binder paper (not spiral bound)

    ·         Post-It notes



    ·         Front Cover

    ·         Pencil pouch with 2 pencils, 2 pens, colored pencils, highlighter, red pen

    ·         Monthly Planner (I will provide this.)

    ·         This page and Planner Checklist inside a page protector

    ·         Additional 9 sheet protectors

    ·         Homework folder

    ·         Subject divider for each class labeled (Reading, Spelling/Vocab, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Science, Other)

    ·         Blank binder paper


    Please make sure your binder and all materials are in class by Monday, August 17th. If you are not completely comfortable with the organizational order, don’t worry, we will be going over the organization together in class.


    Again, your help is greatly appreciated! 


    If you have any questions, please call me (951) 736-4626.
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