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     Miss Lusk

    Case Carrier 
    Social Science
    Special Education 
    2nd period: Econ/Government Basics and Essentials
    3rd period: Modern World History Essentials
    4th period: Econ/Government Basics and Essentials 
    5th period: Econ/Government Basics and Essentials
    • Grades are updated ASAP, but no later than one week from the date they were due
    • All students have the opportunity to request a make-up test when they have earned an F, but testing must be completed during their own scheduled time (before school, lunch or after school)
    • All students have the opportunity to complete test corrections* to bring up any test score
    • First lunch my aide and/or I are available to help students make-up any assignments they need help with/were absent for
    • Students are responsible for all assignments when absent; if ppt/notes were taken on a day they were absent, they must come in on their own scheduled time (before school, either lunch or after school) to copy notes

    * test corrections are available for all tests and quizzes. The FULL question and FULL answer must be written out correctly on a separate sheet of paper and stapled to the original test to receive 1/2 credit back for each answer completed (example: if each question is 2 points and your student missed 4 questions, they can recover 4 of the 8 points they missed with test corrections)

    Contact Information:
    Email Address: LLusk@cnusd.k12.ca.us
    Phone: 951-739-5670 Ext. 20212
    Mock Trial
    College/University Attended:
    University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
    Azusa Pacific University (APU)
    Degrees Earned:
    Bachelor of Arts in Analytical Philosophy
    Education Specialist Credential for Mild to Moderate Disabilities
    Master of Arts in Special Education