• A is for attendance. Our day begins at 8:45 and ends at 12:32. Regular
    attendance is so important. This helps your child establish routines and good work habits.
    B is for books. Try to read with your child every night!
    C is for communication.  A successful learning environment is based on open
     communication between teacher and parents.  Please do not hesitate to call, email or send a note in with your child. 
    D is for donations. It is not required to donate items to the classroom but we
    greatly appreciate items donated during the school year. We do many science experiments, cooking activities, and art projects. We always need something for our hands to stay busy!
    E is for emergencies. Hopefully we will not need to contact you with an
    emergency, but sometimes things happen. Please make sure all of your telephone numbers are up-dated so we can get in contact with you easily.
    F is for Field trips. We will take several educational, fun filled field trip during the year.
    G is for going home. I need to know how your child is going home. Please let
    me know in writing if someone else will be picking up your child.  
    H is for homework. Your child will have homework. It is a review of skills
    that have already been introduced to your child in the classroom. All of our homework has a purpose. It should never take more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Weekly homework will be sent home in a folder on Mondays and is to be returned on Fridays.
    I is for Independence.  I do ask that you allow your child to walk into the classroom on their
    own in the morning. Letting your child walk in to the classroom on their own, putting away their own belongings and settling down into our morning routine will help your child's sense of independence.  This will also help stress that you trust their abilities. 
    J is for journals. Each child will have a writing and  journal. The children will have
    the opportunity to practice the skills that have been demonstrated during model and shared writing. The children will learn to write about experiences they have had, as well as creative stories.
    K is for kindergarten report card. Every marking period your child will receive a
    copy of the kindergarten report card. We will have a conference at the first report card period to review and answer any questions about your child's progress.
    L is for Library.  We go to the Library each Friday. Please help your child remember to
    return their books each week so they get a new book!  It's best to return books on Fridays with Homework.

    M is for medication. Any medication that needs to be dispensed during
    school hours must be given to the school nurse (not the teacher) by the Parent. Your child will be sent to the nurses office at the appropriate times.Do not send medicine with your child.
    N is for newsletters. A weekly newsletter will be sent home  every Monday.  This newsletter will include current projects, class activities, supply needs, and upcoming events. 
    O is for open-door policy. Parents are always welcome in our classroom but I ask that you
    let me know ahead of time if you are able to come in other than your scheduled help day! Be
    warned! I will put you to work.  If you are able to come in please let me know.   I do ask that if you let me know ahead of time if you can come in, so that we can make good use of your time.
    P is for playground. The students look forward to recess on the playground. We
    want to make sure that this is a safe environment for them. Our rules are as follows: 1. No pushing or pulling on other students. 2. Students must come down the slide only, feet first.   3. Only 1 person per bike and stay on the road!
    Q is for questions. I can be reached at 951-739-5655.  Although I might
    not be able to talk to you until my prep time or after school, you can leave a message. You may also email me at cschneider@cnusd.k12.ca.us
    R is for readers.  I love to teach your children how to read!  It opens up a whole new world to them! 
    S is for snacks. We usually have our snack time around 10:55. We do not make the
    children eat the snack if they are not hungry.  Please send in a healthy snack for your child as well as water or juice. 
    T is for treasure box. If you have any small inexpensive toys, pencils, etc.
    that you would like to donate, please do. The treasure is an added incentive for good  behavior or a kind deed.
    U is for units. I will let you know weekly through my newsletters what we are studying so
    that you can ask your children questions about his/her day. Feel free to send in an item that pertains to our unit.

    is for volunteers! We love our volunteers! We always can use an extra hand. You can
    help in the classroom one day a week reading with students, you can help me by getting supplies ready for projects, or you can help by doing something at home. If you cannot come into the classroom, you can send supplies in when they are needed.

    Wis for Websites. Please check out our website links.  These are great sites for all children.

    is for excitement!  Kindergarten is an exciting time where many new friendships and
    foundations are built! 

    is for you. You are the most important person in your child's life!  Thank you for trusting
    your precious children with me! 
    Z is for ZZZZZs at night. We do not have naptime in kindergarten so it is very important that
    your child gets a goodnight sleep. Your child needs to be bright eyed for a day of learning!