Superintendent's Office

Superintendent's Office


   Michael H. Lin, Ed.D.

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 dr lin

Welcome to the Corona-Norco Unified School District.  As you browse through pages which describe and provide information about our schools, our curricular and instructional programs, student services, extra-curricular activities, and other district opportunities, you will discover that we are a district committed to our mission and purpose of providing quality educational opportunities for all students in a safe environment.


It is a privilege to lead a district that is keenly dedicated to providing an enriching learning environment for student success. The faculty are educators who are life-long learners, caring and compassionate individuals committed to teaching and learning.  Our support staff is comprised of individuals with knowledge and expertise readily willing and available to serve as needed. Our district administration recognizes the value of support, staff development and student services, and is committed to removing obstacles which prevent students and staff from maximizing their fullest potential.  Each of these groups is fully supported by a five member School Board elected by our community.  Guiding by our mission and principles, their motivation is the success of all students and staff in the Corona-Norco Unified School District.


As we embark on the 2013-14 school year, CNUSD continues to stay informed about the several changes in K-12 education, which will require our district to take pertinent measures in curriculum and financial planning, while continuing to foster academic success in a safe environment for our students. The preparation and implementation of the Common Core State Standards is among the many exciting changes we look forward to in the upcoming school year. The Common Core State Standards is considered to be the biggest shift in education and will provide students greater rigor and depth of learning resulting in enhanced critical thinking skills and the skills to apply what has been learned. The new standards will prepare students for college and career readiness in our competitive and globalized world.


While our district is excited for this new shift in education, we realize the new standards require a suitable infrastructure to deliver a robust 21st century education. For this reason, CNUSD will continue to seek out plausible options that will enable us to support this new endeavor and meet our students’ needs to support them on their paths towards college and career readiness. To learn more about the Common Core State Standards, please visit:


The other significant change in education involves how districts receive and allocate funding in the K-12 public school system through The Governor’s new local control accountability plan. Fortunately for CNUSD, the Governor’s new plan supports our District’s longstanding commitment towards aligning student achievement with fiscal expenditures. Although budget shortfalls continue to remain evident in the K-12 system, our District continues to explore all avenues in meeting the needs of our students. As a result of our faculty’s steadfast commitment, for the second year in a row CNUSD was named a finalist for theBroad Prize for Urban Education.  Not only will this bring with it recognition for the great work done by everyone in CNUSD, but we will once again be guaranteed at least $150,000 in student scholarships (and potentially over $500,000)! The winner of the 2013 Prize will be announced on September 25, 2013, in Washington D.C., at the Library of Congress.


Parents, community and area businesses are unanimous in their support for Corona-Norco schools.  Their commitment to fundraising, volunteer activities, involvement in schools and commitment in the lives of students plays a significant role in student success.  We believe in educating the whole child by providing an instructional program that is rigorous, experiential, meaningful,and aligned with State Standards. Additionally, the District provides specialized programs that meet the needs of our gifted and talented students; special needs students and students in a variety of alternative educational programs.  Character education, leadership development and staff training are incorporated into all facets of learning.


I welcome you to become involved in District activities and to provide feedback to District staff as we continue our journey of assisting each student reach their potential. 


To continue to stay connected with CNUSD employees, students, families and community members, we are excited to present our District news site, featuring updates and articles about everything from student recognition to district events: I also encourage you to follow us on Twitter @CNUSD and “like” us at


I look forward to working with you in an effort to provide the highest quality education and school experience for our students. Your involvement and commitment to students is essential. Thank you for taking a few moments to learn more about the Corona-Norco Unified School District.



Michael H. Lin, Ed.D.