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    Santiago High School

    Mr. Katykhin


    Welcome to Integrated Math 1!  Integrated Math 1 is a formal development and foundation of the mathematics skills necessary for further math courses and college placement exams.  This course is designed to meet the Federal Content Standards for Integrated Math 1.



    Materials Needed In Class:

    ·         Textbook – McDougal Littell Algebra1(red book)

    ·         3-Ringed Binder

    ·         Lined paper and Graph Paper

    ·         Pencils – bring at least two sharpened #2 pencils

    ·         Any scientific calculator (TI-30xs highly recommended) 

    ·         Compass (for 2nd Semester)


    Homework/Classwork Policy:

    ·         Completion of homework and classwork assignments is vital to your success.

    ·         Mathematics requires much practice and repetition to be understood.

    ·         Assignments will be given each day and will be turned in the next class meeting for credit.

    ·         Homework will be:

             *   Turned in on time.

            *   Completed on graph paper (when graphs are required), in pencil, with all necessary work shown legibly.

            *   Turned in with your name, date, period, and assignment labeled.

    ·         Obtaining homework assignments after an absence is your responsibility.

    ·         Any homework due the day you were absent is due the day you return.

    ·         Absent work must be turned in no later than one class meeting after the day you return.

    ·         Late homework/classwork is graded at 50% of the earned points for the assignment.

    ·         Late homework/classwork will not be accepted after the corresponding unit exam has been given.

    ·         Test Corrections are due 1 week after receiving your graded exam/quiz (no exceptions).  Student must have all work shown,                  explanations written legibly, parent signature, and most importantly MUST come for morning tutoring for me to except their            test corrections for a partial grade.



    Grading System


    A     =              90%  -  100%                                      Assessments / Performance Tasks                 =              60%

    B     =              80%  -  89%                                         Homework/Classwork                                   =              40%

    C     =              70%  -  79%                                        

    D     =              60%  -  69%                                        

    F     =              0%    -  59%


    Pluses and minuses are assigned based on the level of grade achieved. (Example: 82% = B-, 83% = B, 89% = B+)



    Classroom Guidelines:


    ·         Students will be on time to class. Every three tardies will lower your citizenship by one letter.

    ·         Students will come prepared (homework completed, pencils, graph paper, notebook, and textbooks) to class.

    ·         Students will show respect for themselves and others.

    ·         Students will not be allowed to have cell phones or any other electronic devices out during class.

    ·         Students will abide by all classroom rules and school rules.


    *Citizenship is based on how well students follow the classroom guidelines.

    Extra Assistance


    If you are having difficulty with the curriculum and need additional help, I will usually be available for tutoring Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in room C105 from 7:05 a.m. to 7:40 a.m. Tutoring days are subject to change. The weekly tutoring schedule will be posted on my front white board each week. Students will be notified if tutoring becomes available after school.




    Note to Parent/Guardians and Students:


    I look forward to working with your student.  It is my greatest hope that we work together as a team to ensure your student’s success in Integrated Math 1 this year. I will be using the Aequitas (“Q”) Gradebook program this year. Aequitas (“Q”) is a web-based grade program.  All grade updates are immediate. I strongly encourage you to set up your Parent Portal account as soon as possible and monitor your student’s progress and attendance on a regular basis. You will also be able to monitor their progress in all other classes where the teacher is using this program. If you already have a Parent Portal account please update your email address as I plan to send out notifications to parents through the Aequitas (“Q”) Program. If you have not set up your Aequitas (“Q”) account already, please contact the Registrars Office and ask for your account number and temporary password.  The entire process of setting up your account takes only a few minutes. If you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail: skatykhin@cnusd.k12.ca.us   You may also call the school at (951) 739-5600.  If you leave a message, please leave your name and the student’s name, a brief description of your concern, and a number where you can be reached during the day.





    I have read the Integrated Math 1 Course Syllabus and I understand the course requirements as well as the classroom guidelines.



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    Student Signature__________________________________________



    Parent/Guardian (print)______________________________________



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