• Class Resources

    The resources listed on this page will be helpful to students in completing various Language Arts activities.

    Resource List

    • Language Arts Requirements
      This document provides some general information that is expected of students in all levels of Language Arts at Santiago High School including use of planners, how to title and head papers, and notebook requirements.
    • List of Active Verbs
      This document provides a list of verbs that students can use in writing their IVF (summary statements) or in other writing assignments.  Using these verbs can help to spice up writing and help to ensure that students are using active voice.
    • MLA Formatting MS Word - High School
      This document  shows students how to format their essays according to MLA style (used at Santiago and throughout Corona Norco District).  It not only gives students a visual representation of what their papers should look like, but also explains it in detail.  The second page in this document explains how to complete a “Works Cited” page (formally known as a “Bibliography”).  The third page of this documents explains what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.  The final page details how to cite different sources in a Works Cited page.
    • MLA Stylesheet for Academic Essays
      This reviews plagiarism and how to create a “Works Cited” page.
    • MLA Stylesheets
      Another explanation of how to site sources in a “Works Cited.”  This document also provides a sample “Works Cited” page.
    • Notebook Check Rubric
      If a student has trouble staying organized, this checklist will help him or her to stay on track.
    • Thesis Statements
      An explanation of what a thesis statement is and different ways to write one.  Examples are also provided.
    • Tone Words
      Can’t think of just the right word to explain the tone of a passage?  Check this link for a wide list of tone words to use when writing.
    • Transition Words
      This document gives a variety of paragraph and sentence transition words that students can use in essay writing.
Last Modified on August 26, 2013