•    During the entire month of September (A-Track) and October (B & C Tracks), the Kindergarten teachers will be assessing the children for the 1st trimester report card and the District Assessments.  Here are a few things to review with your child during the next few weeks before we begin testing:

        Language Arts

    · Letters: Name the uppercase and lower case letters of the alphabet

    · Sounds: Say the sounds for the uppercase and lower case letters of the alphabet
    · Beginning Sounds: Identify the beginning sound in a word.

    * Example: the beginning sound in the word cat is /c/

    · Sight Words: To be at grade level your child must be able to fluently read all the sight words on list A:

       I          on        see       the       my        an       like        a      we       and

     · Blending sounds to make words:

    *Example - the teacher will say “I’m going to tell you the sounds and I want you  to blend them together to make the word, /d/o/g/.”  The student will say “dog”

    · Concepts of Print: Distinguish Between Letters/Words, identify parts of a book, and track while reading.

            Examples:      Point to the letter :      See          g           3


                                       Point to the word:          h             the           10


    · Write their first name, writes from left to write, and good letter formation


    · Shapes: Identify and name a circle, square, triangle, rectangle, and hexagon

    · Days of the Week: Name and recite in order

    · Counting: by 1’s to 30

    · Numbers: identify and write numbers 0-10 (out of order)

    · Count groups of objects up to 20

    · Sorting: sort a group of objects by color, shape, and size.