• lunch
    Designated Lunch Areas 
    As an effort to reduce the noise, congestion, and disruption on campus during lunch, all buildings are shut down 8 minutes after the lunch bell and 8 minutes after lunch. These 8-minute windows allow students enough time to get into their lockers for books, work, and their lunches for the lunch period.
    What if I need to visit a teacher?
    We always welcome students to visit their teachers. Students must go directly to the classroom and leave immediately upon leaving that teacher's classroom - no stopping at lockers or visiting with friends to avoid others from doing the same.
    What if I need something out of my locker?
    Lockers may only be accessible during the 8 minutes before and after lunch - not during the lunch period.
    What if we are just walking through the D Building to get to the library?
    Students must use the D Building entrance near the library - please do not enter through the east entrance near the Activities Office.