• Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

    Many private schools and scholarships require a letter of recommendation (UC and CSU schools DO NOT require a letter of rec. unless you apply to a special program).  So be prepared to request your letters early.  You should have a positive relationship with the people whom you ask.  Complete a Letter of Recommendation Request Form to help your recommender get to know you better.  If you have a resume attach it as well.  Make your request in person, and allow them 2-3 weeks to complete your letter.

    Letter of Recommendation Request Form Instructions


    In order to save the PDF copy of the work that you do in this fillable form please make sure your Adobe Reader is up to date.  Visit https://get.adobe.com/reader/ and download the latest FREE version of Adobe Reader.

      FREE Adobe Reader Update 

    2.  Click on the link below and download the Letter of Recommendation Request form and save it to your computer.
    3.  Test that your PDF is saving your work by typing a few lines, save it, close it and then open it again to see if your work has been         saved.  If your work has not been saved  make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader (see above) and try the       process again.
    4.  It is a fillable form, so all you need to do is tab your way through the document and type in your responses.
    5.  Be sure to save your final draft to your computer.
    ** If you plan to apply to private schools that require your counselor to complete a “Secondary School Report” you MUST submit a letter of recommendation request form to your counselor as soon as possible.  The information that you provide will aid your counselor in completing the “Student Evaluation” portion of the secondary school report.