• Narrative Writing

    FirstGrade Common Core State Standard:

    1.W.3: Students write narratives in which theyrecount two or more appropriately sequenced events, include some detailsregarding what happened, use temporal words to signal event order, and providesome sense of closure.

    A narrative is where the student retells a familiar event insequenced order. (Note it can be imagined or real). It is different frominformative writing which recalls facts about a specific topic. It is often toldin the first person, using “I”.

    This type of writing CAN but DOES NOT HAVE TO follow theinformative or opinion writing format you have previously seen (Step Up toWriting), with a topic sentence, star ideas, conclusion, and transition words.It will be more creative if it does not.

    Our goal: First graders should write a 3-5sentence narrative by the end of the year.


    Trimester3:We will introduce narrative writing where we retell events (real or imagined),in an appropriate order. We will understand the difference between this type ofwriting and informative or opinion writing.

    Helpfulinformation for narrative writing:


    Good Questions to ask your child: 

    ·        Tell me about                 

    ·        What event happened first, next, etc?

    ·        When did you do this?

    ·        Can you organize your thoughts using sequencing?(Flow Map or sticky notes)

    ·        What words will you use to signal another event?(Temporal words)

    ·        When did the events happen?

    Begin with aStarter:  Letme tell you about a time when  . . . Once,I . . . One day, I . . . Can I tell you about when I had to . . .?  My name is                 and I . . . (The first sentence should introduce the event the student isretelling.)

    Use a few temporalwords to show the event order as needed. After that . . .Meanwhile . . . Some time later . . . Then . . . At last . . . The next day . .. That night . . . Finally . . . In the end . . .

    Parents - Rememberthis is beginning narrative writing. 3 - 5sentences are a good start. This is an opportunity for students to use vividdescription and detail to make their retelling of the event more interesting.