• Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

    We recommend that if your child is four years old now andgoing to have a birthday in October or November, you may wish to hold off oneyear before having your child start kindergarten.

    Children grow and mature at different rates. Not allchildren are ready for school at the same time. This is a checklist ofdevelopmental skill levels based upon evidence of school readiness in children.

    Will your child be 5 years when he/she enterskindergarten?
    Can others easily understand your child whenhe/she speaks to them?
    Does your child pay attention to a short storywhen it is read and answers simple questions about it?
    Is your child able to zip or button up his/hersweater or jacket?
    Can your child tie his/her shoes?
    Is your child able to take care of his/hertoilet needs?
    Is your child able to be away from his/herparents for about 7 hours?
    Is your child able to repeat a series of 4numbers without practice, such as “Say after me 7-2-6-3?
    Is your child able to follow about 2 or 3 directionsafter being told once, such as “Bring me a book; skip around the room; shut thedoor”?
    Is your child able to count at least 4 objects?
    Is your child able to put together a simplepuzzle?
    Can your child tell what is missing if you drawa stick picture of a man and leave out eyes, or a leg, or an arm?
    Can your child draw a basic picture ofhim/herself?
    Can your child recognize basic shapes?
    Can your child name the following colors (red,blue, yellow, green, orange, black, brown, and black)?
    Can your child hold a pencil correctly?
    Can your child write his/her name?
    Can your child use scissors correctly?
    Can your child count to 10
    Can your child recognize numbers 0 to 10?
    Can your child recite the alphabet?
    Can your child recognize the letters in his/hername?
    Can your child identify simple rhyming words(i.e. cat, mat; dog, log)?
    Can your child take turns with other children?


    Use thechart below as a guide to help determine your child’s readiness forkindergarten.

    22 to 24 Yes responses- readiness assured
    19 to 21 yes responses- readiness probable
    18 to 12 yes responses- readinessquestionable
    11 or below yes responses- readinessdoubtful or unlikely



    Please keep in mind these are simply guidelines. If you haveany concerns about your child’s well being or readiness for school, contact thekindergarten team.