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                Participation Points (10%):

    ·        Earned each class period.

    ·        Includes being in your assigned seat when bell rings, bringing proper materials, taking class notes, on task for entire class period and proper area clean-up.  Cannot be earned if not in class!

    ·        Make-up participation points can be earned at lunch. Make prior arrangements. Minimum of 30 min per hour missed is required to receive make-up credit.

    ·        Participation points can also be made up through extra credit activities such as: high quality extra sketchbook drawings, attending concerts, plays or visiting museums.

    Project Grades (50%):

    ·        Projects range in point value from100-200 points depending on level of difficulty or time involved.

    ·        Projects must be completed before grading. Unfinished projects will receive an incomplete or 0.

    ·        Projects will reflect how well the student has met the objectives of the lesson in the following 3 areas: Creativity, Workmanship and Aesthetics.

    ·        Final Exam and/or project will be given at the end of the semester.


    Classwork (15%)

    ·        Textbook Notes, Quizzesand written activities.


    Sketchbooks (25%):

    o   Will contain: Assignment Sheet, Course Syllabus, Project Directions & Class Notes, Homework Assignments

    o   Collected and Graded every other week

    Make-Up/Late Work:


    ·        Semester 1: Due Friday, Dec. 4, 2014; Semester 2: Due Friday, May 15, 2015

    ·        10% of original point value will be deducted

    ·        Student is responsible for getting information and supplies necessary.

    ·        Excused Absences: All work wil lreceive full point value if turned in within 2 weeks of absence.

    Open Lab: Every Thursday 2:45 to 4:00  Some exceptions will apply. Lab time is also available by appointment (lunch, after school etc.)

    General Grading Criteria:

    A  work is:

    ·         Very neat, has followed guidelines/assignment,creative, shows exemplary skill/technique required of the assignment and is outstanding in overall quality.

    B  work is:

    ·        Neat, has followed most guidelines/assignment, is fairly creative, shows skill/technique required of the assignment and is very good in overall quality.

    C  work is:

    ·        Somewhat neat (may have a pencil mark or two), has followed some guidelines/assignment, is somewhat creative, show some skill/technique required of the assignment and lacks in quality.

    D  work is:

    ·        Lacking in neatness, has not followed most guidelines/assignment, lacks creativity, lacks skill/technique required of the assignment and is overall poor in quality.

    F  work is:

    ·        Unfinished or not turned in.


    Lab Fees:

    ·        No lab fees are required however; some projects will require additional materials for students to purchase. Please inform the teacher if this is a problem so that arrangements can be made.


    Recommended Supplies:

    ·        Graphite Pencils (Can use drawing pencils)

    ·        Pencil sharpener

    ·        Eraser (White plastic)

    ·        ExtraFine black sharpie

    ·        9x12 (spiral or book) bound sketchbook (available at the Shark Shop for $3)

    ·        Assortedcolor pencils


    Classroom Rules ( Loss of Participation Points if not followed):

    ·        Beon time, in seat with materials ready to work. (3-5 points lost)

    ·        Respect & treat others as you would like to be treated. This includes: talking out/interrupting and inappropriate behavior. (3-5 points lost)

    ·        No Foolish Behavior! (5-10 points lost)

    ·        Each student is expected to participate in classroom clean-up. (3-5 points lost)

    ·        CellPhones & Electronic Devices OFF & put away. No Exceptions. (5 points lost)


    1.    Verbal Warning

    2.    30 minute detention & phone call home

    3.    60 Minute detention & phone call home

    4.    Referral to Assistant Principal and phone call home.