Boys carrying books

    Your child has access to a wonderful world of books through www.raz-kids.com. Students can listen to books, read books, and take quizzes to check for understanding.


    Here is how to access the website and your child’s reading assignments from any computer connected to the Internet:

    1.  Go to www.raz-kids.com from your Internet browser and click on login.

    2. Type in eibarra8” in the “my username” section and click go.

    3.  Click on your name.

    4.  Password: Type in your student ID# (lunch #).

    5.  Click on the EYE to read the book. (Students should be able to read this level independently.)

          6. Then click on the EAR to listen to the book.

    7.  Click on the question mark (?) to take the quiz.

    8.  Students earn stars for completing assignments. They can use the stars to buy items to decorate their rocket in the Raz Rocket Tab.


    Please Note: Students should automatically advance to the next reading level once they complete the assigned level. All checkmarks under the question mark need to be green in order to progress to the next level. The green checkmark means your child has achieved reading comprehension proficiency within their current level! The purple checkmark means the book has been passed at the basic level and the program will not progress until all checkmarks in the current section are green. Students can ALWAYS go back to reread and retake comprehension tests.


    Raz Kids Reading is now your child’s assigned reading homework. They should spend 20 minutes reading everyday. I will monitor students’ reading progress each week.


    Remember, the more your child reads, the better reader he/she will become!


                                                                                            Thank you,