• 2014's District Level Science Fair Winners

    Biology and Other Kingdoms- Conner F. - 1st place
    Behavioral Science- Sara L. - 3rd place
    Earth Science- Troy C. -  1st place
    All Mrs. Negro's 5th Grade Students
    * Conner F. & Troy C. both earned medals at the
    Inland Science and Engineering Fair
    (Riverside County group)
    on April 2nd:


     2014's Wilson's Science Fair Winners are...

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    Behavioral Science: 

    1st Sara Lerner - Moving on to District

    2nd Alana Marshall

    3rd  Adam Suarez


    Plant Science:

    1st Kyra Steinkirchner - Moving on to District

    2nd Cameron Datu

    3rd Berenice Alanzo


    Earth/Environmental Science:

    1st Troy Cary - Moving on to District

    2nd Jake Suomi

    3rd Stephen Reardon


    Consumer Science:

    1st Conner Faydock - Moving on to District

    2nd Reagan Prospero

    3rd  Jacob Waite




    1st Taylor Heitmann

    2nd Jason Delvilla

    3rd Dominick Richichi


    Physical Science:

    1st Connor Drysol

    2nd Ethan Lara

    3rd Ryan Linsacum



    1st Michael Bravo

    2nd Ezra Rodriguez

    3rd Aisha Ahmad