• Second Grade Reading Expectations

    *  Reads fluently by using phonics, syllables and word parts (100 words per minute for grade level expectation by T3)

      *  Uses reading strategies:  questioning, predicting, inferring, connecting, summarizing, evaluating

      *  Identifies parts of a story:characters, settings, plots (Reads a level 24 by the end of T2)

    Second Grade Writing Expectations

      Indents the first sentence.
      Writes a topic sentence with a when and a where. ( Over the weekend I spent time with my family.)
      Begins to expand facts or details  (Using "red" to further explain their fact.)
      Writes sentences that are complex, combining two ideas or facts together.
      Uses a variety of "starting words" to begin their sentences.

    Second Grade Spelling Expectations

    • Spells frequently used words correctly

    Second Grade Math Expectations

      *  Fluency with Math Facts (100 Subtraction and Addition Facts in 5 minutes by T3

    • Understands the relationships among numbers, quantities, and place value in whole numbers up to 100

    • Understands that fractions may refer to parts of a set and parts of a whole

    • Identifies odd and even numbers up to 100

    • Represents, compares, and interprets data using tables, tally charts, and bar graphs

    • Soves simple problems involving addition and subtraction of numbers up to 100

    • Knows how to model, represent, and interpret number relationships to create and solve problems involving addition and subtraction

    • Identifies and describes the attribute of common shapes in the plane and of common objects in space.

    • Understands how to measure length, temperature, capacity, weight, and time in standard units

    • Tells time to the nearest quarter hour and five-minute intervals

    • Finds the value of a collection of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars

    • Solves problems and justifies their reasoning