• Students & Parents
    Below you will find useful information regarding the homework system in Mrs. Carlin's class.  Starting the first full week, students will be on a "regular" homework schedule.
    • Nightly assignments - Usual homework will consist of skill review/basic facts.  It is very important that students in 4th grade have fluency with all math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division - single digit up to 12).  It is a necessary skill for success in more challenging 4th grade concepts. This will be a focus for homework until mastery is demonstrated.  In addition, nightly reading is to be expected.  Please make sure your child actual reads during this time.  You can discuss the reading with them, take turns reading chapter book pages together, and visually ensure that they are reading vs. just holding a book.  Other homework may include content area extension or review.  Study guides will often be provided prior to an in class test, and review of this can be a homework assignment.  Lastly, if your child is falling behind on classwork, and it isn't due to the fact that they are struggling with the concepts, completion of these tasks may be required.  Homework is a fluid situation, and some weeks may have more than others.  Further, different students may be asked to complete different tasks based on the level of understanding they demonstrate in the classroom.  Students complete a homework outline at the end of the day.  We discuss expectations, and it is the child's responsibility to copy down the information and ask questions prior to leaving the classroom if they do not understand.
    • What is due when? 
      • Reading logs are due on Friday when they are assigned.  Throughout the year we will use a variety of reading accountability systems and students should know which one is current.  Depending on the system, parent signatures may be required weekly or monthly.
      • Math is usually due on a daily basis because we check it for accuracy prior to beginning the next lesson.  If another worksheet type is given, it will be due daily as well, unless otherwise instructed.
    • Long term projects - Occasionally throughout the year, 3-5 week projects will be assigned.  These need to be completed a little bit at a time.  They are the students' responsibility to do, but parents may need to be involved to help create a manageable time line that works with your child.  Frequently these get not only homework grades, but oral language grades, and grades in various content areas.  Failure to complete them on time is a significant problem.  Students and parents will have numerous reminders prior to the due date.
    • Parent Communication Folders - These are student/teacher/parent communication tools.  Each Wednesday, this folder will come home.  It contains a signature sheet that "lives" in the folder.  Each week, graded/finished work should be removed, discussed, and parent should sign the sheet.  The folder, containing the sheet is returned each Thursday.