• Earth Day


    Earth Day is April 22nd.  As we have discussed this year, our earth needs our help to survive long term.  If you would like extra credit in Science, you can complete an Earth Day project while you are off track.  Not only will it help your grade, but it is a chance for you to make a positive impact on our environment.  Many families are already doing things, so pick something new that will add to the positive things you may already be doing.


    **Below you will find a list of some ideas, but if you choose to do something that will positively impact the earth (even if it is not on this list), and create a poster, written report or video showing what you have done, you will receive credit for this project.

    • Replace all or most of your light bulbs with the fluorescent type (CFL) that we studied during our Magnetism and Electricity unit
    • Monitor how much water you use for one week.  Try to find ways to cut down on that use or reduce wasted water during the week of Earth Day.
    • Get your family into recycling, not just aluminum cans, but paper, cardboard, plastic.  Think twice before throwing an item in the trash.  Place in the recycling can instead.  (Examples, cereal boxes, empty milk containers, boxes around frozen foods, pizza boxes, newspapers & magazines, etc. can all be recycled).
    • Join an Earth Day clean up.  You can contact the California State Parks Foundation at 1-888-98PARKS or go to calparks.org and click on “Earth Day”.  Look in the local newspaper or call Corona Parks & Recreation to see if there are activities planned for our local area.
    • Plant a tree in your yard.
    • Plant drought resistant plants that need less watering in your yard for spring.
    • Check all your faucets for drips or leaks.  Get them repaired if you find any.
    • Organize a carpool for school or sports practices.  Ride a bike or walk to places you might normally drive while you are on vacation.
    • Next time you grocery shop, buy items with low amounts of packaging (1 big bag of chips vs. multiple packaged snack-sized ones) or that are made from recycled items (napkins, paper towels, etc.).  Also, invest in reusable cloth bags so you don’t waste paper or plastic each trip to the store.
    • Generally there are special movies or television programs related to earth day.  Watch one of these, and make one change in your life that will help the ecosystem involved or use a new technique you learned to help the environment.
    • To get credit for an Earth Day Project do the following:

    -Write up what it is you did to help the Earth

    -Take pictures of you doing the activity if you can

    -Write up why you think it is important to take care of the Earth

    -Be prepared to discuss this activity with the class when you return.