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    Articles, Strategies, and Templates Related to the
    Implementation of Common Core

    "Verbs and Their Frequency of Use from Common Core Standards" (Includes Language Arts, History, Math,
    and Science): Click on this link to view: Verbs and Their Frequency of Use From Common Core Standards.
    "Collaborative Research" by Martha D. Rekrut:  This article offers useful suggestions for incorporating collaborative
    research into the instructional program. The strategies are applicable to any content area. Especially helpful is a
    step-by-step approach to teaching the important skill of summarizing. Published by the International Reading Association
    in the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, September, 1997. To read the article, click on this link: Collaborative Research.
    "Strategy Guide for Socratic Seminars." Here is a link to a useful web site prepared by the National Council of Teachers
    of English about how to use Socratic Seminars successfully in any content area:
    ERHS Performance Task Template. Here is a template that classroom teachers can use to describe and assess
    Common Core performance tasks employed in the classroom: PDF ERHS Performance Task Template.
    Here is a version of the template that is modifiable:  ERHS Performance Task Template.