• Raz Kids:
       Raz Kids is an online reading program our school recently bought. Please help your child log in and begin reading his/her assigned books. When choosing a book, please click on the icon of an opened book with an eye in the middle of the book This will allow your child to read the book themselves, not have it read to them. On a side note, if you have microphone capabilities in your computer system, this icon will also let your child record themselves reading if you press the record button.
           As an incentive, every time your child earns 3,000 points they will be able to go to my prize box! Your child should be reading at least 3 books a week.
        Every time your child reaches 3,000 points, please either safety pin a note to the outside of your child's backpack (that way I'll be sure to see it) or send one inside his/her Friday homework folder. Trips to the Prize Box will be on Mondays and Fridays.

       Since Raz Kids books are leveled differently than the current reading program we use to level students in the classroom, I'm trying my best to assign them to their appropriate level. With that said, if your child's current assigned level is too easy or too hard, please email me and I will change it.