• Supplies

    It is my goal to help keep students organized each day for classwork and homework. Therefore, I am asking for the students to have the following items daily.

    q 3 ring binder (1 ½-2”)

           ******* Grid Composition Book for Math 

    q Lined notebook paper (college ruled)

    q Subject dividers for the binder

    · -Language Arts

    · -Vocabulary

    · -Math

    · -Social Studies

    · -Science

    · -Writing

         q 7 Composition Books 
       q Scotch Tape

    q Pencils (Atleast 5)

    q Several #2 pencils

    q Pencil erasers

         qMulti-colored clicky pens (Bic) or red, blue and balck

    q  Dry Erase markers (4 colors they are used a lot)

    q White board eraser or old sock

    q Black Sharpies (2)

    q Highlighters (Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue

    q Ear buds (to use with laptops)

          q Mini sharpener with a catch

    Wish List

    If you would like to donate anything to the class, it would be greatly appreciated!

    · White copy paper and colored copy paper

    · Highlighters

    · #2 Pencils

    · Whiteboard Markers

    · Composition Books

    · Lined notebook paper (college ruled)

    · Glue Sticks

    · Ultra Fine Black Sharpies

    · Scotch Tape

    · Soft Tissues

    · Baby wipes (for hands & white board)

    · Small prizes for our classroom incentive box

    · Prizes for our auction (board games, puzzles, school supplies, candy, restaurant gift cards, etc.)

    · Large bottles of Hand Sanitizer

    · New or gently used chapter books (Reading level 5.0 - 6.9)
    ·Construction Paper multi-colored

    · Scrapbook paper and school themed stickers (for journals and projects)