• Ms. Scott & Mr. Rachunok’s

                                                  Policies and Procedures

    Classroom Expectations (what we expect from your child)

    To be in school every day with the exception of severe illness or extenuating circumstances
    To do all homework, class work, and study for tests and quizzes
    To pay attention in class, not cause distractions or disturb others
    To put 100% effort into all work
    To take full responsibility for their actions and decisions
    To be respectful of me, other students, teachers, and staff

    In order to obtain the greatest academic and social growth for your child, a system of positive, assertive discipline must be in effect at all times. Actions and consequences need to be clearly understood by students, parents, and the teacher. Our goal is to provide a quality education for my students within a secure and supportive environment, promote academic excellence, social growth, responsible decision making, and prepare them to lead productive lives. In the following pages we outline our classroom policies and procedures so that from this basic understanding we can move toward the same goal of bringing out the best in each child.

    The attitude that we take towards discipline is that: Discipline is teaching, not punishment. We want to teach children appropriate behavior, not just punish the inappropriate. Through a combination of education and correction we can help create a truly responsible citizen. The method of discipline that we employ is fair, firm, consistent, productive, and provides a high level of school-home communication. My system stresses self-discipline and responsibility while helping to develop positive, well-balanced students who possess good work skills and study habits. We believe children will make better decisions in life if they are held accountable for all of the decisions they make, even the unwise.

    Classroom Goals

    Our ten goals for the year concentrate on work skills, study habits and citizenship.
    1. Begin work promptly                       6. Do neat, careful work
    2. Complete work on time                    7. Good classroom behavior
    3. Work cooperatively                          8. Good outdoor behavior
    4. Follow directions the first time        9. Respect the rights of others
    5. Listen attentively                             10. Practice self-discipline

    Students will have a chance to earn stars for positive behavior, working hard, and showing integrity and perseverance in class with our “Living Legend” chart. Every 10 stats that your child earns, he/she will move up a level on the chart. The challenge is to motivate students to be the best they can be every day and by the end of the year strive to be “Living Legends”.

    Students will be using a Classroom Economy System 

    We will start the year using class cash. Students can earn the right to have an economy system to help them learn money management skills. Money will be rewarded for working hard, participation, positive attitude, and respect throughout the day. All students are expected to keep their class cash in their backpacks every day. There will be a class store at the end of each trimester where students can buy or bid on items with the money in their bank accounts.

    Class Jobs

    Students will be able to fill out job applications to apply for class jobs. Class jobs will be given to students who are responsible, respectful, and reliable. Students are paid weekly according to their job. Students that can’t handle their job responsibilities will be replaced.


     General Policies and Procedures

    Restroom breaks: Students are encouraged to use their time wisely; this means that they use the restroom before school, during recess, and at lunch. Students will not be allowed to use the restroom during direct instruction, tests or quizzes; except in the case of an emergency. Students are given six passes to use each trimester. Each pass that is not used can be exchanged for $10 class money for their bank accounts. If all passes are used and students still need passes, they will be charged $10 class money each time.

    Drinking fountain/Water bottles: We don’t allow students to get drinks while we are giving direct instruction to the class or while we are taking a quiz or test. It can be disruptive to the rest of the class to have students out of their seats during this time. Students may drink from water bottles or the fountain at times we are not giving direct instruction or when tests/quizzes are not being completed. However, if students are using this time to socialize, avoid class work, or are taking excessive time to get a drink, we will not allow them to get drinks during any part of class time. Only water is allowed in class. All other drinks need to be sealed and in their backpacks.

    Homework Policies and Procedures

    The purpose of homework is to reinforce classroom lessons, foster consistent study habits, build responsibility by having students be accountable for returning assignments on time, and give parents the opportunity to see first-hand how their child is progressing.
    In order to accomplish each of the above items, we require that homework be completed nightly and returned the following day. Your child has a homework calendar in his or her planner. Your child is to fill out the homework assignment calendar daily. He/she should also list any projects that will be due in the future as well as upcoming tests. Students should be spending approximately 60 minutes per day on homework, Monday through Thursday. Students may have homework on some weekends if a project is due.
    Homework will be graded on quality and completeness. In addition, students who choose not to work diligently in class may have class work sent home with them to complete. This class work will be in addition to their regular homework.

    Extra Credit Assignments
    All extra credit in Language Arts will be given  through our Bookapoolza reading program this year.

    Grading Scale

    100% = A+ 100-98 = A 97-92 = A- 91-90 = B+ 89-87 = B 86-83 = B-82-80

    C+ 79-77 = C 76-73 = C- 72-70 = D+ 69-67 = D 66-63 = D-62-60 59% or below = F


    Parent-Teacher Communication

    Teacher-parent communication is essential to the success of the students. We have a very open policy in which parents may contact us whenever necessary by calling, emailing, or scheduling a conference. Also, there are several ways we will be communicating with you throughout this year:

    Your child’s homeroom teacher or am teacher will be your primary contact throughout the school year. Direct questions  regarding Social Studies and Language Arts, email Mrs. Scott at jdscott@cnusd.k12.ca.us. Direct questions regarding Science and Math, email Mr. Rachunok at jrachunok@cnusd.k12.ca.us.

     Progress Reports – You will receive a progress report every month regarding updating you on your child’s current grade and missing assignments. We encourage you to check Q each week for missing assignments as well as sit down with your son or daughter and look at their planner to hold them accountable for their homework. Students are responsible for checking their own grades on Q every other week. They will fill in their grades in their planner and a parent will sign.

    Class Web Page – We will post classwork and homework from our classes. In addition, weekly spelling words, vocabulary words, wish lists, and calendars, as well as links to websites the students and parents might find useful (this includes the textbook websites for getting extra help, viewing the text, and completing assignments and extra credit. Please visit our websites at www.cnusd.k12.ca.us/rpes. Announcements will be emailed home on a regular basis to keep you informed of upcoming events.

    4. Remind 101 – Remind 101 is a text app that allows us to send text messages to students and parents. We will be using this app to send reminder messages about projects and events as well as keep parents up to date about what’s happening in our class. Please subscribe as soon as possible; text. We are excited to use this communication tool in our classroom!

    5. Email – We are most easily accessible by email, and we will be sending out monthly emails to update parents with what’s going on in our classroom. You can also email me directly through our classroom webpage or using my email address on the top of this packet. Please include your email address on the signature page of this packet to be included in classroom emails.

    6. Q – You can view your child’s grades and be notified when the grade book is updated by logging onto the Q website. You will be receiving directions to walk you through how to log in. We look forward to a positive and exciting year with your child as we learn the state standards and develop as responsible citizens! We will use every resource available to make sure that each student is successful both academically and socially. If you have any questions, please contact us to discuss them. Thank you for your continued support of your child’s education!












    Commitment Statement


    I have read and understand Mrs. Scott’s and Mr. Rachunok’s policies and procedures. I agree to follow all of Mrs. Scott’s and Mr. Rachunok’s classroom rules and promise to come to school ready to learn and ready to be challenged.

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    I have read and understand Mrs. Scott’s and Mr. Rachunok’s policies and procedures. I promise to give my child the support he or she needs to be successful this year. I also agree to hold my child accountable for all of their actions as well as the work they produce. This year is a huge year that will prepare them for junior high. Your support is vital to their success this year!


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