• Informative/Explanatory Writing

    (We use the district adopted program “Step Up to Writing” for informative/explanatory writing.)

    First Grade Common Core State Standard: 1.W.2: Students write informative/explanatory texts in which they name a topic, supply some facts about the topic, and provide some sense of closure.

    Our goal: First graders should write a 5 sentence paragraph, on topic with adjectives and conjunctions by the end of the year.

    Trimester 1: This type of paragraph should currently include a green topic sentence, three yellow star ideas beginning with a transition word and a green conclusion sentence with a conclusion word (total of 5 sentences).

    Trimester 2 & 3: We will work on adding appropriate adjectives (describing words) and conjunctions (connecting words – and, because, or, so, but) to our writing to make sentences more complex. Conjunctions connect two related ideas in a sentence.

    Helpful Information for an Informative/Explanatory Writing Paragraph:

    Topic Sentences (green): Must be a sentence not a title and introduce the topic. The topic word should be included in this first sentence. Ex. If you are writing about the ocean, the word “ocean” should appear in the topic sentence.

    Star Ideas (yellow): Give details about the topic. They should begin with transition words. Examples of transition words are:

     First,             Next,             Last,

    First of all,     Second,          Third,

    Conclusions (green): End the writing. They should begin this last sentence with a conclusion word and restate the topic word. They do not introduce more details or have conjunctions. Examples of conclusion words are:

    All in all,                       



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