• Narrative Writing


    First Grade Common Core State Standard: 1.W.3: Students write narratives in which they recount two or more appropriately sequenced events, include some details regarding what happened, use temporal words to signal event order, and provide some sense of closure.

    Our goal: First graders should write a 3-5 sentence personal narrative paragraph by the end of the year. A personal narrative is where the student retells a familiar event in sequenced order. It is different from informative writing which recalls facts about a specific topic. Personal narrative is often told in the first person, using “I”.

    Trimester 1: We will introduce personal narrative writing where we retell events that happened to us in an appropriate order. We will begin to understand the difference between this type of writing and informative or opinion writing.

    Trimester 2 & 3: We will continue working on personal narrative paragraphs. We will be adding adjectives and more complex sentence structure to make the writing more interesting and descriptive. Students will understand the difference between the three types of writing (opinion writing, informative/explanatory writing and narrative writing). 

    Helpful Information for Personal Narrative Writing Paragraphs:

    Begin with a Sentence Starter:

    I can tell you about a time when..........

    Can I tell you about a time when I ……?

    My name is.......... and I……….
    Once .........
    One day ..........



     Use temporal words to move the story along as needed.

    After that . ..                                       Meanwhile . . .

    Some time later . . .                              Then . . .

    At last . . .                                            The next day . ..

    That night . . .                                       Finally . . .

    Meanwhile . . .                                       In the end...



    Have a conclusion sentence:




    As you can see,



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