• Kindergarten Homework is Online!

    All homework will be assigned online through the use of VanderMolen’s Kindergarten website at:



    *Homework will be posted every Monday. Please check the website weekly.

    *Some homework assignments may require printing from your computer at home and/or

    making a project & returning it on the due date.


    Homework will include:

    *Language arts, math, science, social studies, nursery rhyme memorization/oral language

    practice, and a reading log.


    *If you do not have access to a computer/internet, our computer lab will be open 30 minutes before school (7:15-7:45 AM) & 30 minutes after school (2:10-2:45 PM). Please be sure to get a visitor’s pass in the office.


    Homework Folders:

    Though all assignments will be online, we will still be sending home your child’s red homework  folder every Monday. Your child’s homework folder will include his/her nightly reading log and any papers from the school. Folders need to be returned every Friday, with any assignments printed from home, assigned math book pages, and reading logs filled in.


    Reading Log:

    Needs to be filled in EVERYDAY and returned on Fridays with homework folder. Please read with your child for 10 minutes each day and log the book read on the reading log.


    Math Workbooks:

    I will be sending home your child’s math workbook next Monday. This workbook needs to stay at home in a safe place. I will post the assigned pages for your child to complete for homework on the kindergarten homework webpage. Simply tear out the assigned pages, help your child     complete the work, and send the completed pages back to school the following Friday inside   his/her red homework folder. I am unable to replace any lost workbooks; therefore I encourage you to keep it in a safe place.