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    Posted by Tara Lucius on 8/11/2015

    Dear Parents,

                This is my 12th year at Corona Ranch, my 6th year teaching sixth grade, I love my job, and I am very happy to be teaching at this wonderful and distinguished school!  If I am to teach your child anything this year, it is to become an independent, responsible, respectful person who believes in him or herself, who has the courage and desire to aim high in life, and will always do their best to succeed.


    Classroom Expectations (what I expect from your child)


    1.     To be in school every day with the exception of severe illness or extenuating circumstances

    2.     To do all homework, class work, and study for tests and quizzes

    3.     To pay attention in class, not cause distractions or disturb others

    4.     To put 100% effort into all work

    5.     To take full responsibility for their actions and decisions

    6.     To be respectful of me, other students, teachers, staff, and themselves


                In order to obtain the greatest academic and social growth for your child, a system of positive, assertive discipline must be in effect at all times.  Actions and consequences need to be clearly understood by students, parents, and the teacher.  My goal is to provide a quality education for my students within a secure and supportive environment, promote academic excellence, social growth, responsible decision making, and prepare them to lead productive lives.  In the following pages I outline my classroom policies and procedures so that from this basic understanding we can move toward the same goal of bringing out the best in each child.


    The method of classroom management that I employ is fair, firm, consistent, productive, and provides a high level of school-home communication.  My system stresses self-discipline and responsibility while helping to develop positive, well-balanced students who possess good work skills and study habits.


    Classroom Goals


    Our ten goals for the year concentrate on work skills, study habits and citizenship.


    1.  Begin work promptly                                     6. Do neat, careful work

    2.  Complete work on time                                     7. Good classroom behavior

    3.  Work cooperatively                                           8. Good outdoor behavior

    4.  Follow directions                                               9. Respect the rights of others

    5.  Listen attentively                                               10. Practice self-discipline




    Class Dojo points:  Students can earn points for attendance, achieving classroom goals, meeting personal goals, demonstrating use of the school-wide “Life Skills,” setting a positive example for other students, and other outstanding behaviors in the classroom.  Students can use their points to win items and privileges in our classroom.


    Team Points:  The students accumulate team points each week for working together and meeting classroom goals as a group.  When teams achieve a classroom goal as a group they will be rewarded with table points.  The team with the most points at the end of the week will receive special privileges the following week. In the event of a “tie” at the end of the week, teams will enter into “Sudden Death” completion.  The first team to score the next point on the following Monday, wins for the week.


    Compliment Points:  The class as a whole can earn compliment points for receiving compliments from other teachers, staff members, and adults at our school.  This includes positive notes from substitutes. When the class earns 15 compliment points the class will earn a treat of their choice.







    I use five consequence levels when behavior goals are not being met. Everyone starts over each day.


    1. Turn card-Warning     

    2. 1st Behavior Reminder - Recess detention      

    3. 2nd Behavior Reminder - 2nd recess detention, phone call home          

    4. 3rd Behavior Reminder - Time out in another classroom

    5. 4th Behavior Reminder - Conference with Principal or Vice Principal


    General Policies and Procedures


    Restroom breaks: Students are encouraged to use their time wisely; this means that they use the restroom before school, during recess, and at lunch.  Students will not be allowed to use the restroom during direct instruction, tests or quizzes; except in the case of an emergency.


    Drinking fountain/Water bottles:  I don’t allow students to get drinks while I am giving direct instruction to the class or while we are taking a quiz or test.  It can be disruptive to the rest of the class to have students out of their seats during this time.  Students may drink from water bottles or the fountain at times I am not giving direct instruction or when tests/quizzes are not being completed.  However, if students are using this time to socialize, avoid class work, or are taking excessive time to get a drink, I will not allow them to get drinks during class time.


    6th Grade Homework Policies and Procedures


                The purpose of homework is to reinforce classroom lessons, give parents the opportunity to see first-hand how their child is progressing, foster consistent study habits, and build responsibility by having students be accountable for returning assignments on time.

                In order to accomplish each of the above items, 6th grade requires that homework be completed nightly and returned the following day, and assignments are completed over longer periods and turned in on time.  Your child has a homework planner in the front of his/her notebook.  Your child will fill out the homework assignment calendar daily, specifying what homework, technology assignments, and projects are to be completed.  She/he should also list any projects that will be due in the future, including assignments to be completed online. Students will generally be completing homework Monday through Thursday.  Students may have homework on some weekends if a project is due or if they have failed to do any of the nightly homework assignments.

                Homework will be graded on quality and completeness.  In addition, students who choose not to work diligently in class may have class work sent home with them to complete, and may have parents attend 6th grade Accountability Sessions.

                Homework assignments will focus on fluency.  Homework assignments will include cursive practice, nightly reading and reading logs, math facts practice, math skills practice, and oral language practice.


    6th Grade Late Assignments Policy


                Work is considered late if it is not ready to be handed in at the start of the school day on the due date. Late work will be required to be completed, and will still be accepted by 6th grade teachers for partial credit.  The grade earned on a late assignment will be deducted 10% for one day late, 20% for two days late, and 30% for three or more days late.


    Revision Assignments


    Students who earn non-passing grades on assignments (64% or lower) have the opportunity to revise the work for an average score and an increased grade. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for and revise assignments within a week of having the work returned to them. I am available for students during recess, before and after school, and when students have completed classwork to help students revise work or to answer questions about assignments with non-passing grades. Students will need to submit the original assignment with the revised work on a separate sheet of paper.







    5th and 6th Grade Common Grading Scale


    100% = A+        99-93 = A          92-90 = A-         89-87 = B+        86-82 = B          81-78 = B-


    77-74 = C+        73-68 = C          67-65 = C-         64-58 = D+        57-49 = D          48-41 = D-


    40% or below = F




    6th Grade Common Schedule


    7:45-8:15           English Language Development/foundational skills

    8:15-9:45           Math

    9:45-10:45         Language Arts and Guided Reading “Book Club” Groups

    10:45-11:05       Recess            

    11:05-11:40       Lunch

    11:40-12:20       Intervention and Enrichment

    12:20-12:50       Writing

    12:50-1:50         Social Studies/Science/P.E./music/art

    1:50-1:57           Planner/wrap-up


    Teacher-Parent Communication


                Teacher-parent communication is essential to the success of the students.  I have a very open policy in which parents may contact me whenever necessary by emailing, calling or scheduling a conference.  Also, there are several ways I will be communicating with you throughout this year:


                1. Weekly Grade ReportsI like to ensure that parents are aware of their child’s progress, especially if that child needs extra help in a specific area.  One way I make sure that parents see all graded work is to provide a weekly grade report, with graded work attached, informing you of your child’s behavior and academic summary on Tuesday each week.  Please sign and return the report with your child to school the following day.  Please keep the graded work at home. There is space at the bottom of the form; please use this as a way to communicate with me.  I will respond to you as soon as possible.  You can also log in to the online grade book at https://parentconnect.cnusd.k12.ca.us/ to view your child’s graded work at any time.


                2.  AR Progress Reports – You will receive an AR report approximately every 4 weeks updating you on your child’s current reading level, how many books he/she has read, how many AR points he/she need to reach his/her goal, and how many AR points they currently have. You will also receive a print out with all the books your child has read and his/her score on each AR test.  Please sign the report and return it the next day. You can also track your child’s AR progress at home, see his/her goals, find out what level books he/she is reading, and check test scores by logging on to the AR website at https://hosted180.renlearn.com/267912/homeconnect. The user name is your child’s lunch number, and the password is “rockets”.


                3.  Unsatisfactory NoticesIf your child is performing below grade level and may receive a D or F in any subject on the report card, an Unsatisfactory Notice will be sent home in the 6 weeks into each trimester.  Please sign the notice and return it to me within 3 days so I will know you received it.  In addition, please set up a conference with me to discuss the area(s) your child may be struggling with.


                4.  Class Web PageI will post announcements from our class and the school, book lists, wish lists, and calendars, as well as links to websites students and parents might find useful (this includes the textbook websites for getting extra help, viewing the text, and completing assignments and extra credit.  The web page can be found at www.tinyurl.com/tlucius2011.


                5.  Class Dojowww.ClassDojo.com is an app used to track your child’s daily behavior/participation in class.  I will also be using this app to send pictures and messages about what’s happening in our class.  I will be sending home sign up codes for you as soon as the class is set up. This is a great way for you to see what your child is doing day-to-day, receive messages about upcoming events, and track your child’s classroom behavior.


    6.  EmailI am most easily accessible by email, and I will be sending out monthly emails to update parents with what’s going on in our classroom.  You can also email me directly through our classroom webpage or using my email address on the top of this packet.  Please print your email address on the signature page of this packet to be included in classroom emails.


    7.  Parent PortalYou can view your child’s grades and be notified when the grade book is updated by logging onto https://parentconnect.cnusd.k12.ca.us/.  The website can also be accessed through our school website by clicking on “Parent Portal” on the top left of the page. User name and password information can be obtained through the school office or by emailing me.


    I look forward to a positive and exciting year with your child as we learn the Common Core standards and develop as responsible citizens!  I will use every resource available to make sure that each student is successful both academically and socially.  If you have any questions, please contact me to discuss them.  Thank you for your continued support of your child’s education!




    Ms. Lucius

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