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    Raz Kids:
       Raz Kids is an online reading program our school has started to implement. Please help your child log in and begin reading his/her assigned books. Your child's login information was provided in your PIN packet. Please let me know if you need this information again. You will need to click on the icon of an open book with an eye in the middle of it in order to read the book.
    This icon allows your child to read the book, not have it read to them. This program also has capabilities of allowing your student to record themselves reading the book. You will have to have a microphone on your computer and press the record program in order to do this.
    This program allows me to assign the students books according to their reading level. Once all appropriate levels are determined, I will adjust where it is necessary. Please let me know if you are noticing that an assigned level is too difficult/easy for your child and I will adjust as needed. I will monitor your student's progress on this program and provide rewards when earned in the classroom.
    Your child should be reading at least 3 books a week.

    Here is the direct link to our class' Raz Kids page:  http://www.raz-kids.com/main/Login
    Username: jennersL55
    PW: Your child's lunch number 

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