• Bookapalooza 

    Bookapalooza 2017-2018: This year our students will be assigned one Bookapoolza project each trimester. All books chosen for the project of the trimester must meet the requirements of the genre of the month, books should be a minimum of 150 pages, and they must be at their reading level. Students are not allowed to read books that are comic or diary in nature like Captain Underpants, or Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
    Bookapoolza Trimester 1:For Trimester 1 students were given the choice of  Informational, Historical Non-fiction, or a Biography. They need to choose a person, place or an event in history to read about and then present. My advice is for students to read their book while their off track, and then work on their project when they come back. Students may choose to work on their projects while the are off track. The project choices for trimester 1 are: a News Broadcast, a Video Clip with voice over, or a power point with visuals and bullet points to reference important information.
    Students are required to turn in their Rubric and activity plan sheet on the due date, and all videos and power points will be uploaded to the Bookapoolza Turn in folder on the one drive. News Broadcasts will need to have a script uploaded to the one drive as well.
    Bookapoolza Incentives and Extra Credit: Students are encouraged to read more than the one book assigned each trimester. The goal is for students to be reading at least 30 minutes every night. In doing so, they can read books that interest them as well as the genres that have been assigned. As long as the books meet the requirements mentioned above, they can choose the genre of their extra books. Each additional book they read, they can earn raffle tickets for completing a plan sheet and or book review for a drawing each month. Students can also earn Extra Credit. Students can complete three extra credit assignments and plan sheets per trimester.
    *****All of the Extra Credit is due October 6th for Trimester 1.*****