• Corona Fundamental Intermediate School

    Instructor: Mrs.Maiden-Umbarger                        

    Textbook: California Collections


    Welcome to seventh grade Language Arts! I am looking forward to an exciting year in Language Arts. Each student will read a variety of Multicultural World Literature including: novels, short stories, fiction, nonfiction, essays, drama and poetry and learn how to write compositions in the core genres: narrative, summary and argument/ persuasive essays.

    *Common Core LanguageArts Standards http://www.cde.ca.gov/re/cc/



    LanguageArts assignments will consist of the following elements:

    §  Daily Warm-Up:  Academic Vocabulary, writing, etc.

    §  Daily Homework assignments such as vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and writing assignments;

    §  Textbook assignments correlating with reading selections;

    §  Essays, Book Reports, andResearch Reports;

    §  Quizzes or tests(Trimester 1, 2, and 3 Exams, State Writing Exam) and

    §  A variety of projects based on each unit studied: such as storyboards, photomontages, dioramas, collages, models, and diagrams.

    (Absentwork can be obtained from the Make Up Work crate.)


    Bring to class daily:

    1.    Warm-Up 

    2.    Student Agenda

    3.    Pencils/Paper/colored pencils

    4.    Textbook

    1.     Textbook Companion website: my.hrw.com


    Language Arts grading follows the C7 team policy pointsystem and is broken down into the following categories:

    ·        Classwork: Includes all in-class assignments and daily participation;

    ·        Homework: Includes assignments posted daily on white board/assigned by teacher; and

    ·       Evaluations: Includes unit projects, reports, essays, tests and quizzes.



    A=90-100%           B=89-80%             C=79-70%             D=69-60%       F=59-0%


    *Grading scale for the Honors class remains the samealthough standards differ per State Guidelines. 



    Each student is expected to follow these team and rules and procedures:

    1.  Be in your seat and immediately begin to work when entering the room (no tardiness).

    2.  Bring all materials to class every day:

    §  notebooks,

    §  pens/pencils,

    §  paper,

    §  markers/colored pencils and

    §  free reading books.

    3.  No gum, candy, food or drink is allowed in the classroom.

    4.  Be cooperative, courteous and respectful to others.

    5.  Obtain permission to speak, move or leave your seat by raising yourhand first.



    1.   Falcon Feathers (drawing at the end of each trimester);

    2.   Award Certificates (awards given at the end of eachtrimester);

    3.   Cruising pass;

    4.   Homework pass;

    5.   Positive Phone call/letter home;

    6.   Class prizes.



    §  Each student will be expected to participate daily in class as an individual, in pairs and small group activities.

    §  Use Emergency Passes to leave the classroom.

    §  STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TOTREAT THE TEACHER AND FELLOW CLASSMATES WITH RESPECT AT ALL TIMES. (No profanity, violence, or derogatory statements will be tolerated.)

    §  Students are dismissed by the teacher (not the bell) when everyone is seated in their assigned seats and all work areas are clean.

    §  All school rules regarding cheating, defiance, electronics, weapons and dress code will be compulsory.


    I am looking forward to an excellent year. I expect each student to grow in all areas, including learning and citizenship skills. Please contact me for further information.


    Contact Mrs.Maiden-Umbarger at:(951) 736-3321 or mmaiden@cnusd.k12.ca.us

    Website on CFIS page: http://www.cnusd.k12.ca.us


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