• Sixth Grade Supply List

    In 6th grade, you will learn to be organized and 
    prepared for middle school.  The following are a 
    list of supplies that you will need by the end of 
    the first week of school. You will need to bring 
    these materials to school EVERY DAY!

    1. 3-ring binder (1 1/2 in or larger)
    2. 5 subject dividers with tabs
    3. 1 subject notebook
    4. Pencil pouch
    5. 2 black pens
    6. 2 pencils
    7. 3 highlighters (yellow, pink, green)
    You will also need to have index cards, post-its, and either markers or colored pencils for various assignments and activities.  

    If you would like to help out with bringing in some classroom supplies, here are some things that we could use!

    dry erase markers dry erase erasers

    tissues and paper towels copy paper

    glue sticks any type of art supply

    post-its colored pencils

    markers colored copy paper

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