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    Volunteer Opportunities 

    Ghost Walk is an event put on by the California Riverside Ballet. The event is filled with scary ghost tours, live dances and music performances, a carnival, and of course ,fun! The ghost tours travel through various buildings in historic Downtown Riverside where each stop is accompanied by a scary ghost story. The carnival consists of fun games where everyone can play to win various prizes! Come out to help volunteer at the event.


    When: Saturday, October 29th, 2016

    Where: Downtown Riverside

    Address: Downtown Riverside, 3834 Main Street, Riverside CA 92501


    Please select a job and show up on that exact time.


    -Need to arrive by 5:00pm to help set up

    Tour Guide:

    -Need to arrive by 5:30pm to sign in and be assigned to tour.


    - Need to arrive by 5:30pmto sign in and be assigned to tour

    Set Up:

    - Need to arrive by 3:00pm to help set up

    Take Down: 

    Need to arrive by 9:30pm to help take down


    ***You may wear a costume; however it cannot: have a mask, be bloody/gory, or too revealing. Wear comfortable shoes***

    ***Meet-up will depend on what job you are interested in***



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