• Supply List
    All kids should have the following supplies and ALL supplies can be easily found at Walmart, Target, or Staples.
    1. A box of pencils
    2. A "Magic" white eraser (they come in a three pack and you can find them everywhere)
    3. 2 glue sticks or a glue bottle
    4. Colored pencils or Markers
    5. Expo markers (we use these everyday and the kids always seem to run out of them)
    6. Scissors
    7. 3 Composition Books (hardcover)
    8. Running shoes (A MUST!!!)
    9. A pencil pouch (all supplies need to fit in this one box and can fit into a desk) NO PENCIL BOXES THIS YEAR PLEASE!
    11. 3 "poly" pocket folders (they are the tougher two pocket folders and say the word poly on them)
    12. 3 highlighters-green, pink, and yellow
    13. 2 black sharpies
    14. tissue box or hand sanitizer 
    15. Yoga mat (they will keep this in the class and use all year)
    16. A Spiral notebook 
    NO BINDER IS NEEDED THIS YEAR!!!! Please save your money and don't buy one.