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    Fun and Educational websites
    Learn about dinosaurs!
    Have your child click on this link to practice spelling sounds for the week.  Make sure to log into Crystal MacHott as the teacher to access the correct words 
    We have the opportunity to participate in this program.  It will help make some healthy, happy 2nd graders.
    Check the library you have at home to see reading levels of the books.  Have your child read these for their nightly reading and take a test on it at school.  Please make sure they stay at their reading level.  
    Have fun with dinosaurs
    As a student in CNUSD, you have access to this website.  Click on the link for you username and password information.  This site is AMAZING!
    Have fun and exercise your brain!
    This allows you to explore some of the stories, authors, and activities that are related to our Reading Series.
    Make your own games and practice math!  Play with a friend.
    Put the words in order to make complete sentences.
    Play the games to practice your times tables.
    Check out some fun science activities. 
    Have fun learning about our world and community.
    Fun winter activities.