• Think About It Projects

     General Guidelines for Each Project

    Each month your child will be given a broad topic to think about. The topic and due date, except for the first one, will appear on the bottom of the grade sheet from the previous month. Your child will have three weeks to complete each project. The product and the presentation should look like your child spent the entire three weeks working on it. The projects are always due the morning of the due date. Late projects will not be allowed to be presented orally which will result in a grade no higher than 74%. An example grade sheet is on the last page of this document for you to view.

     Instructions for “Think About It” Projects

    There will be no specific instructions given for the monthly Think About It projects. As stated earlier, most of the monthly assignments will appear at the bottom of the grade sheet from the previous month and will simply indicate the theme, due date, and product choices. These projects are specifically intended as a “Think Outside the Box” type of projects and were designed to allow for the students to explore with their creativity. Because our end goal is for the students to take some time to stop and ponder each theme, we have created these assignment to be more “Open Ended.”

     Some Helpful Tips

     * Parents may help, but the majority of work should be student created!
     *The presentation should last anywhere between a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes. Remember, we have 32 students in our class.
     *We are looking for lots of CREATIVITY, so please go beyond using pencils, markers, and crayons.

     Some Examples for Our Fall Project Due September 30th

     * Your child can create a book full of favorite fall recipes. They can include hand drawn pictures or photographs found in magazines, the internet, or pictures they have taken with a camera. Their recipe book should also include neatly handwritten or typed recipes by your child.
     *Your child can create a slideshow explaining all about their favorite fall holiday(s). Their slide show should include sentences about what they are trying to focus on regarding fall. It should also include pictures they found on the internet, drew by hand, or photos they have taken with a camera.
     *Your child can also create a mobile highlighting their favorite fall activities. In their mobile they should include pictures and sentences that explain the activities they want to focus on for their project.

     *There is no minimum or maximum amount of pictures per project...it just NEEDS TO LOOK like it took 3 weeks to work on.
    ***Remember, these are just ideas.  Please feel free to “think outside the box!” 

     *Remember to have your child PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE their presentation for the class. Here are some characteristics of a good presentation.
     Speaker - *speaks clearly *stands up straight *doesn’t cover his/her face with their paper *doesn’t read from their paper for the whole presentation (but can take a quick glance if they should lose their thoughts) *LOOKS at the audience * speaks loudly enough for everyone in the room to hear *avoids saying “umm’, “ah” * is fully prepared.

    Speech - * makes sense * is well organized *is well developed with LOTS of details *sticks to the topic * is interesting

     Example Grade Sheet

     _____ Creativity (1-5)
     _____ Quality of Project (1-5)
     _____Followed Directions (1-5)
     _____Neatness (1-5)
     _____Presentation: eye contact (1,2,3) voice (1,2,3) posture (1,2,3)
     _____Related Project to Theme (1-5)
     +_____ /34 Total + ______ % = ______grade for Oral Language.


    Theme for September “Think About It” - FALL
     It is due the morning of Tuesday, September 30th.


     I hope you have found this information useful.
    Thank you.
    Ms. McKinnie