• The 2014-2015 school year is the launch of our newest parent/teacher/community organization.  Here are some FAQs that you may have:


    Why did we get rid of PTSA?

    PTSA wasn't the right fit for JFK.  We are a very small high school, yet we had to pay all the same fees as a high school 6 times our size.  We struggled to keep enough funds at the school site to benefit our students.  PTSA also did not allow us to keep our Norco College Liaison on the Executive Board, since his son was graduating JFK and he would no longer be a JFK parent.  We knew it was vital to keep our open communication with the college, since it is the main reason why many students come to JFK.


    Why are you asking for donations for the events when I already made a cash donation?

    Some parents are wary of making a cash donation because they don't know where the funds are going.  By requesting donations for our events, parents have the option to know exactly where their donation is going... to the students!  Unfortunately, during this launch year, we do have several one-time start up fees to establish ourselves as a non-profit organization.  These fees are still less than we would pay to PTA council/district/state, and in the years to follow, the only fee we will have to pay is the insurance.


    Does this mean the Booster Club isn't a non-profit organization?

    We have submitted the paperwork, so we are "pending" non-profit status.  This could take a few months to get a response.  During this time, we are unable to ask companies or businesses for donations (unless they do not write it off on their taxes, and it is considered income to the Booster Club), and we are unable to do fundraisers.  This is another reason why we don't have extra funds to pay for Student Appreciation goodies like popcorn at the Back-To-School Movie or the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast.


    What other ways do the students benefit?

    How much the students benefit will depend on how much support we get from parents, teachers, and the community.  We will definitely send out information on how students can be involved with community service events.  We have hopes to offer smaller scholarships, such as health fees or book scholarships, rather than one huge senior scholarship.  This way, more students benefit.  We will have at least one movie per year and would like to do monthly Student Appreciation treats.  We are currently looking into Academic Letters for students with a 3.0 GPA.  Presidents of all Clubs also have our support if they need donations.  We help ASB and Renaissance with their events and supplies needs, since their activities involve the entire student body.  We won't forget our teachers!  We also provide the Back to School Breakfast and support the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.


    How can I post my own question?

    We are currently looking into setting up a "feedback" section to our page.  For now, please send us your questions to jfkboosterclub@yahoo.com and we will reply and post them here.  We would love to hear from you!