Below are two links to websites that correlate to the Accelerated Reader program. Please check with the librarian, myself, or on the computer database to see if we have the book and/or test your child is looking for.
    Great news, our library is now open for students to take A.R. tests while they are off track. If you would like your child to take an A.R. test while they are off track, please note that students are only allowed to take tests on their normal library day.
    Click on the link below to go directly to the Accelerated Reader website. You will find a list of books arranged in alphabetical order according to grade level, author, or title. You can find a book that is your level, challenging, or easy.

    Click the link below to find an Accelerated Reader index. On this site you will find thousands of records on file. Go here if you are looking for a books A.R. level or A.R. Points.