• What do I do if my child is absent?

    If your child will be absent, but is not sick, please notify the 
    office staff in writing the dates that your child will be absent
    from school and the reason for the absence.  This letter will 
    be reviewed by administration and given a number based on 
    state attendance codes.  The numbers are administered as follows:
    1. excused
    2. unexcused
    3. truant
    According to the law known as "No Child Left Behind" three 
    truancies requires a letter to be sent home to the parent.  For 
    each truancy following this, an additional letter is sent home.
    If your child is sick, please send a letter to the school 
    indicating that they were ill and the dates affected.  The 
    district has set up a stoplight system to help parents identify 
    whether or not they should send their child to school.  
    Please refer to this system to help in your decisions


    It's my child's birthday, can we have a party?

    A birthday is a wonderful thing, however due to laws requiring 
    that a certain number of minutes be devoted to learning each 
    day, we ask that you keep party celebrations at home.


    My child lost his jacket. Where can he go to look for the jacket?

    Please check in the lost and found bins located outside the 
    office next to the playground.


    My child forgot their homework, what should he/she do?

    Please make sure that the homework is returned the following 


    Can my child phone home for forgotten items?

    No, in order to build responsibility I will remind the student 
    of what they have forgotten and they will have an opportunity 
    to return the items on the following day.


    Is my child allowed to bring a cell phone to school?

    Students are encouraged to leave all electronics at home.  
    However, if they need a cell phone at school, they may leave it
    in their backpacks in the off position while they are on the 
    school premises.


    I need to get a message to my student, what should I do?

    If it is an emergency, call the office and they will make sure 
    that your student receives the message.