• Accelerated Reader is an outstanding program that provides an excellent opportunity for students to improve their reading skills. This year your child will be given a point goal based on his/her reading range level. After taking the AR STAR assessment, a note will be sent home with your child’s reading range and year-long point goal. In order to reach the point goal, your child will independently read 15 minutes a day during school. Your child will also be required to read 20 minutes each night as part of his/her homework.


    At the end of Trimester 1 your child must reach 33% of their point goal.

    At the end of Trimester 2 your child must reach 66% or their point goal.

    At the end of Trimester 3 your child must reach 100% of their point goal. Rewards will be given to children who reach their percentage goal. A TOPS report will be generated showing goal percentage each time a quiz is taken. These reports will be placed in their Progress Folder so you are aware of your child’s AR progress.


    Every week our class will go to our school library to check out up to 2 books which they will be allowed to take home. Children may also return to the library to check out new books daily.
    If the book is fiction, they should readily be able to answer questions like:

    "Who" is the story about? (characters)

    "Where" does the story take place? (setting)

    "What" happened in the story? ( summarize main events)

    "Why" did a certain event happen? (cause and effect)

    "How" does a character feel about an event? (inferencing)

    Not all books will have these components in the beginning, but they will by the end of first grade.


    If the book is non-fiction, they should be able to remember many facts. This is usually more difficult than a fiction selection because shear memorization of the fact is not enough. To pass a test these days in social studies or science content, the student needs to understand difficult vocabulary and be able to apply it.