• Homework Overview

    Homework is a very important part of a child's education.  It is a chance to reinforce what is learned in the classroom.  In Kindergarten, we are setting the foundation for excellent study and time management habits.
    Kindergarten homework will typically be sent home on Mondays.  It is due on Fridays in their homework folder.  Each time your child turns in their homework on time, they will get a sticker on their folder.  This is to help give them an incentive to turn in their homework every Friday.
    Homework consists of a grid that will have 9-12 boxes.  Please choose 1-2 boxes a night.  Some may require pencil and paper.  Use any paper from home unless otherwise specified.  You can even "recycle" those flyers from school after you read them.  Just do your homework on the back!  The math packets that we work on at school will also come home.  If you choose the math square, complete the homework pages from that math packet.  If you lose your grid, you can download it from  Kindercats.com      HW grid week 5 letter A
    Homework should be done in pencil in your child's own writing.  Crayon is to be used for coloring.  No pen or markers please.
     Homework should not be a nightly battle.  If your child is having trouble with homework, please feel free to contact me.  Together, we can come up with ideas to make homework less stressful.