• Writing and Editing with Technology
    English/Language Arts teacher Marina Amador from JFK Middle College High School explains how she and her students use Turnitin.com to streamline the writing & editing process.
    ePals and Skype in the Classroom
    Celia Warren, middle school Social Studies teacher at Home Gardens Academy, discusses the benefits of using ePals and Skype in the Classroom and shares how her students are meeting the standards through technology.
    Economics Lesson: Supply and Demand
    Diana Stiller, Economics teacher at Norco High School, has students read and discuss several documents in cooperative groups with the intent to analyze past, present, and future prices of crude oil in the stock market.
    Pre-Calculus Lesson: Measuring Height Lab
    Christine Ventrella, Math teacher at JFK Middle College High School, has students practice their skills in mathematics, applying them to the outside world.
    Socrative and Edmodo in the Language Arts Classroom
    Carrie Knox, intermediate school Language Arts teacher from Ramirez Intermediate School, shares how digital tools Socrative & Edmodo support her teaching of Language Arts.
    Teaching Reading with Technology
    Intermediate school Language Arts teacher, Krysten Robinson, explains how iLit is transforming the way students learn to read at Ramirez Intermediate School.